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2H Patent founded under the leadership of Hatice Yavas in 2021 gives services in Turkiye in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. Our founder, Hatice Yavas is a Chemical Engineer graduated from Istanbul Technical University and finished the Master Programme of Economical Law at Istanbul Bilgi University. Furthermore, she is a Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney authorized before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT).

Our attorneys have rendered services with 10+ years of experience to a large number of local and foreign clients in this sector by now, particularly to Technology Transfer Offices of various universities, companies with R&D centers and other small, medium and large companies.

They have supported their clients by drafting more than 300 patent/utility model applications and registrations in a large number of fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, software, construction, electricity, electronics, telecommunication, materials, health etc. related to devices and hardwares, apparatus, nanostructures. Also they have provided many number of trademark and design application and registration services by reliable monitoring of procedures and informing their clients in time, therefore; keeping them informed and aware.

2H Patent, under the leadership of our attorneys, gives services directly to its clients by first-hand and by this kind of service, provides correct information to be transferred more efficiently.



We protect your non-obvious inventions.


Utility Model

We protect your basic inventions.



We protect your traditional and non-traditional trademarks.



We protect appearance of your products obtained industrially or handmade.



We protect your intellectual and artistic works.


Geographical Indication

We protect your national products which are designation of origin and merchandise marks.


Traditional Specialities Guaranteed

We protect your national products which are produced in traditional ways for more than 30 years.



We provide consultation services for IP rights.


Our other services

Translation services, integrated circuit topography, incentives etc.

“We are an IP company which gives high quality, reliable, fast and boutique attorneyship services with 10+ years experience in Turkiye.”


Our most effective target is to make our clients be highly aware of all routes and risks related to the procedures by informing them. Therefore, the way we proceed with clients knowing what they may encounter with during the procedures becomes more target-oriented. We increase registration possibility by mutual exchange of information and also analyzing the risks well.

Clients with high awareness

High quality services

Effective procedure monitoring

High probability of registration

As of October 1, 2022, Montenegro has become the 39th contracting state of the European Patent Convention (EPC).

Did you know that all industrial property rights provide only territorial protection unless you enter into other countries?
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